June 12, 2015

TOGETHER- European youth meeting


European youth meeting for coexistence and solidarity


“Kids in Action” invites you to the European youth meeting “Together”, which is organized from 18 to 28 of August in the summer camp Tsaf Tsouf, with the participation of young people from 1 different countries around Europe.

The youth meeting “Together” aims at coexistence and interaction of people with or without disabilities, by actively participating in an organized educational, recreational and cultural program. The aim of the project is to meet and live with young people with or without disabilities, also to increase the empathy of the situation experienced by young people with disabilities and to share experiences and best practices on structures dealing with disability in EU countries.

The program brings together 100 young people from 10 different countries in Europe (Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Slovakia). The program “Together” will be implemented parallel with the summer camp program “Beyond borders”, which accommodates people with disabilities and takes place every year in the summer camp Tsaf Tsouf. The participants of the meeting “Together” will have the unique opportunity to coexist and participate in joint activities with people with disabilities, gaining experience and developing skills not only related to empathy, awareness of disability issues, but also social, communicative and artistic skills.

“Together”, 18-28 of August – Kid’s Camp Tsaf Tsouf / Orfani, Kavala

Organized by:

NGO Kids In Action | 3rd Of September Avenue & Grigoriou Lampraki St. 54636 || Thessaloniki

Τel.: 2310552655



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  • Young people with or without disability from 18 years old


Contact Person

Tania Chatziioannou tania@kidsinaction.gr

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